Performance of Major Economies and India’s neighbours in the UNDP Human Development Index 2019

Norway topped the ranking Index with an HDI value of 0.954 followed by Switzerland at 2nd, Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Iceland, Sweden making the top eight places in the index ranking respectively.
Among Indian neighbours, Srilanka at 71st place, China ranked 85th with an HDI value of 0.758, Bhutan 134th, Bangladesh 135th, Myanmar at 145th, Nepal at 147th and Pakistan ranked at 152nd with HDI value of 0.560.
Among major G20 nations, the United States of America and the United Kingdom with an HDI value of 0.920 were ranked together at the 15th place in the index, Japan 19th, Israel- 22nd, France- 26th, Saudi Arabia 36th, Russia at 49th place, Brazil at 79th and South Africa at the 113th place in the index.
South Asia was the fastest-growing region in human development progress according to the report, with a growth of 46 per cent between 1990-2018, followed by East Asia and the Pacific.



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