Paalan 1000 National Campaign

On August 16, 2022, ‘Paalan 1000 National Campaign was set in motion’. It was launched by Bharati Pravin Pawar (Union Minister of State for Health) in virtual mode. On the occasion, a parenting application was also unveiled, that primarily focuses on children’s development in first two years.

Highlights of the launch:

  • According to Bharati Pravin Pawar, India has taken quick steps for reducing child mortality since 2014. As a result, child mortality has reduced to 35 per 1000 live births in 2019, against 45 per 1000 live births in 2014.
  • This campaign was launched because, first 1000 days acts as a solid platform for physical, emotional, mental, cognitive and social health of the child.
  • Underlining the significance of early phases of a child’s life as its impact can last for lifetime.
  • The ‘Paalan 1000 Journey of the First 1000 Days’ also includes early years training for families, parents, and caregivers along with services that meet basic needs of the families.

Parenting application:

Parenting application was launched at the “Early Childhood Development Conclave”, to give practical advice to caregivers on what they can do in everyday routine. It will also help in settling down several doubts of parents.

Child Mortality:

Child Mortality is defined as the probability of children’s death between birth and 5 years of age. It is expressed per 1,000 live births.




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