Ordinance on Water Issues

The Punjab Government approved the legislation of “The Punjab Water Resources (Management and Regulation) Ordinance 2019”. This has come against the backdrop of Overutilization of groundwater for the purpose of agriculture and other requirements. Another cause is due to urbanization and industrialization of the area. This problem has affected the creatures and people living in the area.

The bill will pave the way for setting up of Punjab Development Authority and Punjab water Regulation. This will consist of a Chairman and other two members who will be appointed by the State Government. The bill proposes about the setting up of an Advisory Committee on Water Resources which is to be notified by the Government. The Authority will consist of experts and other officials from various Government Departments to advise the Authority. The Authority has the right to engage its experts as per requirement. A fund will be maintained in which the Government grants or loans will be provided by the State Government.



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