Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony for the Tokyo Games 2020, was organised. It was however closed to the public.

The Olympic Flame

The Olympic Flame is a symbol of the Olympic Movement and denotes the continuity between the ancient and modern games. It is lit several months before the Olympics start, at Olympia in Greece. The Olympic Cauldron is lit by the flame during the Olympic Games’ opening ceremony and put out during the closing ceremony.

The Ceremony

The Olympic Flame is lit at the site of ancient Olympics in Olympia of Greece. A celebration is held at the Temple of Hera by 11 women (representing the Vestal Virgins). Here the torch is kindled from the sunlight using a parabolic mirror. The anthems of Olympics, the hosting country and Greece are sung. This is followed by the hoisting of flags and the Olympic Torch relay.

Current Arrangements

The Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony of 2020 is a special case due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The ceremony was conducted without any spectators. The ceremony was witnessed only by 100 accredited guests from Organising Committee of the upcoming games and the International Olympics Committee.


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