Odisha Government’s Jaga Mission

The Odisha Government and TATA Steel Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to implement the Jaga Mission across 5 municipal corporations in the state.

What is Jaga Mission?

The state government of Odisha launched the Jaga Mission in 2017. Also known as the Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission, it is the world’s largest slum titling and upgradation initiative. It is implemented based on the “The Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Act, 2017”. It is a unique land titling project under which land rights will be provided to eligible slum residents. It also includes upgradation of physical infrastructure in slums like roads, drains, streetlights, sanitation and clean water supply It aims to transform slum areas into liveable habitats called “Adarsh Colonies”.

What are the objectives of Jaga Mission?

  • Upgradation of slums by addressing primary inequalities prevailing in the urban region to integrate informal settlements to the mainstream city.
  • Create fourth tier of governance by strengthening Slum Development Associations (SDAs) and empowering them to make decisions and implementing infrastructure upgradation.
  • Creating situations to curb and reduce the growth of slums in urban areas in the future by increasing access to land, basic services, housing and other amenities required for urban life.

About the MoU

The MoU signed by the Odisha government and Tata Steel Foundation enables the implementation of Jaga mission across 5 municipal corporations – Sambalpur, Rourkela, Berhampur, Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

As part of this agreement, Tata Steel Foundation will be collaborating with the state government’s Housing and Urban Development Department to transform slums into liveable habitats by providing civic infrastructure and services that are on par with the developed areas of the municipal corporations.

Under this MoU, the Tata Steel Foundation and the state government will work together to provide land rights to over 2.5 lakh families in 1,110 slum areas. The Foundation will also provide technical aid for conducting drone surveys, slum mapping, holistic habitat planning and housing and common space design. It will be involved in setting up suitable institutions and processes within the government to build and maintain the transformed habitats. It will also provide capacity building for urban local bodies, NGOs and the Slum Dwellers Associations.




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