Odisha Celebrates Raja Parba festival

Odia festival, Raja Parba or Mithuna Sankranti is a three-day-long festival and the second day signifies the beginning of the solar month of Mithuna from, which the season of rains starts.

  • It welcomes the agricultural year in Odisha, which marks, through biological symbolism, the moistening of the sun-dried soil with the first showers of the monsoon in mid-June thus making it ready for productivity
  • During the three days, women are given a break from household work and time to play indoor games.
  • Girls adorn traditional saree and apply Aletha on foot. All people abstain from walking barefoot on the earth. Generally various pithas among podo-pitha and chakuli Pitha.
  • People play a lot of indoor and outdoor games. Girls reach on to swings and hammocks, women also play cards and Ludo. Villages have Kabbadi matches for young men.

It is believed that the mother Goddess Earth or the divine wife of Lord Vishnu undergoes menstruation during the first three days. The fourth day is called as Vasumati gadhua or ceremonial bath of Bhudevi.


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