NSG’s New Address

The 29 Special Composite Group Complex of the National Security Guard was inaugurated at Rajarhat in West Bengal by the Union Minister of Home Affairs.

  • NSG:

The National Security Guard is an elite unit of central armed police force that functions under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. It is a Federal Contingency World Class Zero Error Force that carries out anti-terrorist and anti-hijacking operations. The NSG personnel are commonly called the ‘Black Cats’.

  • Functions:

The NSG was raised in 1984 after incidents like the Operation Blue Star and Indira Gandhi assassination, to be used only in exceptional situations. It is a counter-terrorism special force and it also undertakes anti-hijacking operations. It conducts hostage rescue missions, bomb disposals, post-blast investigations, etc.

  • Special Composite Group:

The Special Composite Group is a wing of the NSG that function in their area of responsibility. Its personnel are drawn from the Indian Army and the Central Armed Police Force. There are 5 regional hubs: 26 SCG Mumbai, 27 SCG Chennai, 28 SCG Hyderabad, 29 SCG Kolkata and the 30 SCG Gandhinagar.


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