North Korea Ballistic Missile

North Korea recently tested submarine launched ballistic missile. North Korea has yet again violated UN resolution with the test. The United Nations had passed resolution banning North Korea from testing nuclear devices and ballistic missiles.

About the missile

The missile test range was around 310 miles. The test was conducted in the ocean waters between Japan and North Korea. However, there is no way to confirm the test. Norther Korea considers the missile as the world’s most powerful weapon. The test information was revealed by Japan.

Why is North Korea missile test a concern?

The North Korean missiles tests are a great concern to the US. This is because, most of their missile ranges are capable of reaching the major cities of the US. For instance, Hwasong – 14 missiles have a range of 10,000 kilometres. This was the first intercontinental missile of North Korea. Hwasong – 15 is capable of reaching peaks greater than 4,500 kilometre in space. The International Space Station orbits at 450-kilometre altitude from the earth! North Korean missiles are capable of reaching heights ten times the altitude of International Space Station. Hwasong – 15 has not yet been tested. It is a liquid fueled missile. The size of the missile surprised the world experts when it was put on show in 2020. The missile size was small for its potent of destruction. Apart from this, North Korea has developed several other dangerous weapon systems. They are thermonuclear bombs, Nodong missiles, Musudan missile, etc.

UN on North Korea missiles

The UN prohibits North Korea from testing ballistic missiles. However, UN allows North Korea to test cruise missiles.

What is the reason behind US – North Korea conflict?

The rift between the countries is highly tense. It started with the Korean war. In recent years, the tensions escalated with the US military presence in South Korea, US sanctions against North Korea, US – South Korea joint military exercises in South China Sea.




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