NITI Aayog launches campaign “Navigating the New Normal”

On June 27, 2020, NITI Aayog launched a new campaign “Navigating the New Normal” and a website. The campaign aims to help people follow norms to contain COVID-19.

About the Campaign

The Campaign has two parts. The first part of the campaign includes a web portal that contains the following related to COVID-19

  • Behavioural science
  • Nudge and social Norm Theory

The second part of the campaign is media focused and will create awareness about the importance of wearing masks.

About the Website

The website provided information about simple and easy to practice ideas in the day to day lives. These ideas help to design the environment of the citizens in such a way that adopting such behaviour changes are easy.


Around 92,000 NGOs are currently working with NITI Aayog to implement the behavioural changes. The campaign and website were launched in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ministries of Health and Women and Child Development.




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