New Energy Performance Standards of BEE effective from 1st January 2020

On 30th October 2019, the Central Government of India after consultation with the agency for developing programs for efficient use and conservation of energy in India, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the Ministry of Power has notified new energy performance standards for Room Air conditioners (RACs). The new energy standards have been implemented from 1st January 2020 onwards, they are: For split air conditioners the new standards as per the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio will range in between 3.30-5.00 while for window air conditioners 2.70-3.50 and under the BEE star-labeling program, it has been mandatory for all room air conditioners to have a default setting of 24-degree Celsius.

The star labeling program was declared mandatory by BEE on 12th January 2009 for Room Air Conditioners, which had led to an estimated 46 billion units of energy savings up to the FY 2017-18 (46 billion units are equivalent to a carbon emission reduction of 38 million tonnes). In FY 2017-18 alone an energy savings of 4.6 billion units has been estimated.



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