New Delhi SAH-BHAGITA’ scheme

On July 11, 2022 “New Delhi SAH-BHAGITA” scheme was launched by the Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena.

About New Delhi SAH-BHAGITA Scheme

  • New Delhi SAH-BHAGITA Scheme was launched to make Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) partners in tax collection and waste management ecosystem in Delhi.
  • It is aimed at improving efficiency and compliance in tax collection by encouraging RWAs.
  • As per scheme, if one RWA is able to achieve 90 percent tax collection, from overall number of properties in societies or colonies, it would be able to recommend development work across their areas equal to 10 per cent of the tax collection. This tax collection is subject to a ceiling of Rs one lakh.
  • Furthermore, if the colony is able to achieve 100 per cent waste segregation at source, compositing of wet waste as well as re-cycling of dry waste, then government would provide an additional incentive of 5 per cent of tax paid.

Significance of the scheme

The New Delhi SAH-BHAGITA initiative addresses the issue of rationalization of property tax structure. It also gives importance wo solid waste management by community participation. New tax policy would help in bringing consistency and uniformity along different approaches that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has adopted. It will also bring in community participation as well as ensure that citizens become a stakeholder in the MCD. It further seeks to ensure better service delivery for the residents of Delhi.




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