New Bug Species discovered in India

Scientists at one of India’s premier research institutes have discovered new species of insects which can walk on water.?

What has happened in India?

  • The Scientists at the Zoological Society of India have found new 7 species of water treaders.
  • Water treaders are insects which live on both land & water and can appear as if it is walking or running on the surface of the water.
  • The newly-described bug species are of the genus Mesovelia. These bugs range from 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm and are equipped with hydrophobic setae (bristles) on their legs.
  • A combination of the hydrophobic setae and prevalent surface tension on water prevents the species from sinking.
  • These insects are pale green in color and have silver-white wings with black veins on the basal half which make them stand out over the green mat of aquatic weeds.
  • The species discovered are Mesovelia andamana from Andaman Islands, M. bispinosa & M. isiasi from Meghalaya, M. occulta & M. tenuia from Tamil Nadu and M. brevia & M. dilatata whose range exists between Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu.
  • These bugs are found in freshwater lakes like ponds, pools, lakes, slow-moving streams and rocks.
  • The entire genus of bugs are predators & scavengers and was found to feed on the midges, water fleas, dead and dying mosquitoes. This removes organic waste from the freshwater streams and provides a natural sanitation service for the waterbodies.



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