New Biomolecules to fight Kala Azar Drug Resistance

A team of researchers from Department of Biotechnology, National Centre for Cell Science have found ways to combat drug resistance of Kala Azar disease. Miltefosine is the only drug available against Leishmaniasis or Kala Azar and is losing its effectiveness lately.

What is the issue?

The transporter proteins play a major role in carrying miltefosine in and out of the parasite causing the disease. The parasite is unicellular. A protein called P4ATPase-CDC50 in the parasite is responsible to take the drug and P-Glycoprotein in the parasite is responsible to throw the drug out of the parasite.

Lately, the decrease in activity of P4ATPase-CDC50 and increase in activity of P-Glycoprotein has led to very little accumulation of the drug in the parasite’s body. This is making the parasite become more and more resistant to the drug lately.

About the Research

The researchers have tried to manipulate the transporter proteins. They have increased the uptake of the drug and decreased its over throw from the parasite.




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