National Virtual Library of India

The proposed National Virtual library would be massive online library, where resources from across fields in all possible forms could be collated and made available on a single platform. A large quantum of multi-lingual knowledge resources in the form of documents, books, images, audio, videos and other forms would be made available.

National Virtual Library of India (NVLI) will cover tens and hundreds of fields, ranging from arts, music, dance, culture, theatre, science and technology to education, archaeology, literature, museums, cartography maps, e-papers and manuscripts, among others.  This would benefit researchers, students, subject experts and others who no longer would be needed to hunt or spend hours for reference material in traditional library buildings.

This programme is a part of the National Mission on Libraries initiated by the National Knowledge Commission under the Ministry of Culture. NVLI would be spearheaded by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), headquartered in Pune in partnership with IIT-Mumbai, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation, Kolkata, and Kalyani University, West Bengal.

NVLI would be one of the world’s largest virtual libraries where information on such diverse subjects is available.


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