National Technical Textiles Mission- New Projects

On January 17, 2022, Ministry of textiles cleared 20 strategic research projects, worth Rs 30 crores, in the areas of specialty fibres and geotextiles.

Key Points

  • These projects fall under government’s flagship programme ‘National Technical Textiles Mission.’
  • Out of 20 Research projects, 16 projects of specialty fibres were cleared. It includes:
  1. 5 projects in healthcare
  2. 4 projects in industrial and protective
  3. 3 projects in energy storage
  4. 3 projects in textile waste recycling, and
  5. 1 in agriculture
  • 4 projects in geotextiles (infrastructure) were also cleared.
  • Several leading Indian Institutes, Centres of Excellence and Government Organizations including IITs, BTRA, DRDO, etc participated in the session that cleared projects strategic for the development of Indian economy.
  • These projects are step in the direction of Atmanirbhar Bharat, especially in Healthcare, Energy Storage, Agriculture, Industrial and Protective, Textile Waste Recycling, and Infrastructure.

National Technical Textiles Mission

The National Technical Textiles Mission was launched with the aim of positioning India as a global leader in technical textiles and increasing the use of technical textiles in domestic market. It aims to take domestic market size to $40 billion – $50 billion by 2024. The mission will be implemented for four years, starting from 2020-2021. A Mission Directorate has been made operational in Ministry of Textiles.

Components of the mission

The National Technical Textiles Mission comprises of four components-

  1. First component– It focuses on research, development and innovation with an allocation of Rs 1,000 crores. Research is conducted on fibre level as well as application-based in geo, medical, agro, sports, mobile textiles and development of bio-degradable technical textiles. Research activities also focuses on development of indigenous machinery and process equipment.
  2. Second component: This component is for the promotion and development of market for technical textiles.
  3. Third component: It focuses on export promotion in order to take technical textile exports from India to Rs 20000 crores by 2021-2022, from the Rs 14,000 crores. It will ensure 10% average growth every year till the Mission ends. Under this component, an export promotion council for technical textiles will also be set up.
  4. Fourth component: It focuses on education, training and skill development.




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