National Newborn Week celebrated

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is celebrating National Newborn Week between November 15, 2020 and November 21, 2020. The main objective of celebrating National Newborn Week is to create awareness about the importance of newborn child survival and development.

Why is it important to celebrate National Newborn Week?

Every year around 2.6 million babies die in the first 28 days. The first 28 days are considered crucial for child survival.

What is the scenario of newborn survival in India?

In 2013, around 0.75 million neonates died in India. The numbers are higher in spite of the fact that the Neonatal Mortality Rate in India has declined from 44 per 1000 live births in 2000 to 28 per 1000 livebirths in 2013.

India has set a goal of reducing the under-five mortality to 20 per 1000 live births by 2035.

What are essential cares of Newborn according to Ministry of Health?

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the newborns should receive birth dose of Oral Polio Vaccine, BCG vaccine and Hepatitis vaccine. In the first hour of life, the newborns should receive eye care and Vitamin K. The other basic needs of new born are mother’s milk and prevention of infection.

What are the causes of newborn deaths in India?

The major causes of newborn deaths in India are pre-maturity (35%), intra-partum related complications (20%), neonatal infections (33%) and congenital malformations (9%).

What is India Newborn Action Plan?

The India Newborn Action Plan was launched in response to global Every Newborn Action Plan (of WHO) in 2014. The India Newborn Action Plan aims to reduce preventable newborn deaths. The programme is built on six pillars namely pre-conception and antenatal care, immediate newborn care, care during labour and child birth, care of healthy newborn, care beyond newborn survival and care of small and sick newborn.

What is Mothers Absolution Affection programme?

It is a breastfeeding promotion programme launched in 2016.




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