National Conference on Opportunities and Challenges for Bamboo in India- Highlights

The NITI Aayog and Invest India have associated with the National Bamboo Mission to conduct the National Conference on Opportunities and Challenges for Bamboo in India.


  • The National Conference on Opportunities will be organised with the aim to discuss on the bamboo ecosystem in order to promote holistic growth of the sector across the entire value chain system.
  • The discussion by experts and stakeholders from several fields will further accelerate the efforts of National Bamboo Mission in order to bring about solutions regarding the issues that sector is facing.
  • Conference was inaugurated by Union Minister of MSME, Nitin Gadkari, on February 25, 2021.
  • This conference provided benefit because of participation of eminent professionals related to bamboo farming, innovation, research, industry, entrepreneurs, and attendees from research institutes, farmers and entrepreneurs.
  • It held discussions on all subjects related to bamboo industry starting from planting material to high end engineered products & marketing.
  • The topics of discussion in the conference include-
  1. Bamboo for Atma Nirbhar Bharat,
  2. Promoting Exports & Global Branding,
  3. Availability of Feedstock & Plantations,
  4. Innovations, Research & Development,
  5. Skill Development and
  6. Access to Institutional Credit & International Cooperation.

What does conference suggest?

  1. To adopt the agroforestry models by farmers in order to avoid the initial 3-4 years gestation period of bamboo plantation.
  2. It suggested the intercropping with pulses, ginger, lemon grass, etc.
  3. To use credible planting material and to adopt improved agronomic practices in order to increase yields.
  4. Plantations on the culturable wastelands should be encouraged.
  5. Integrated primary processing units should be set up for complete utilization of bamboo in order to comply with zero waste policy.
  6. To overcome the issue of high transport cost, use of waterways and exploration of transport subsidy options.




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