National Conference on E – Governance 2022

The 24th National E – Governance Conference is to be organized by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), State Government of Telangana and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The conference is to be held at Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Madhapur.


The conference is to be organized under the theme, “India’s Techade: Digital Governance in a Post Pandemic World”. The sub themes are emerging technologies, universalization of public services, ease of living by good governance, universalization of public services, innovation – platformization, government re – engineering and participation of citizens in government processes.

National Awards for E – Governance 2021

The awards are to be presented during the conference. The awards are to be presented in six categories. And the awards are to be presented to 26 E – Governance initiatives. The six categories are excellence in government re – engineering for digital transformation, excellence in district level e – governance, universalizing access to e – services, excellent research on citizen centric services, use of ICT in COVID-19 management, outstanding adoption of emerging technologies.

Why is the conference important?

It will provide momentum to the e – governance initiatives. It provides opportunities to industries and civil servants to exhibit their successful interventions in E – Governance. This improves end to end service delivery.

Why is it essential to boost E – Governance?

The Government of India has been digitizing the country through Digital India. E – Governance is important for social transformation and to induce economic inclusiveness. It is essential to move towards safe e – governance to tackle cyber fraud, fake news, etc. Also, E – governance helps in cost reduction, ease of services and real time governance. It also helps in accountability and transparency.




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