National Anti-Doping Bill, 2021

On July 27, 2022, the National Anti-Doping Bill, 2022 was passed in the Lok Sabha. Bill was passed considering that, legislative powers would put brake on doping. Bill was introduced in December 2021 by Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur.

Important provisions of the bill include;

  • Bill would help in establishing National Board of Anti-Doping in sports, comprising of competent and independent personnel.
  • It also seeks to achieve time-bound justice for athletes.
  • It will also enhance cooperation among agencies to fight against doping.
  • It also seeks to strengthen India’s commitment to fulfil international obligations towards clean sports.
  • It will help in setting up robust, independent mechanism for anti-doping adjudication.
  • It will provide legal sanctity to functioning of NADA and National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL).
  • It would lead to setting up of more dope testing laboratories in India, besides providing support in academic research and manufacture of things related to anti-doping.

Thus, the National Anti-Doping Bill 2022 provide a statutory framework in the form of legislation, to stop doping in sports in India. Currently, the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) has been performing anti-doping measures in accordance with the norms of World Anti-Doping Agency.

National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA)

It is the national organisation, that promotes, coordinates, and monitor the doping control program in all forms of sports in country. It deals with adoption and implementation of anti-doping rules and policies, in line with the World Anti-Doping Agency. It was established by Central Government, under the societies Registration Act.




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