“Naresh Chandra Committee” submits National Security Report

Why Naresh Chandra committee was consituted?

  • The committee was constituted by the Union Govt to contemporarize the Kargil Review Committee’s recommendations. It was also asked to suggest ways to revamp defence management by examining the state of country’s border management and restructure system.

Who are the members on the committee?

  • A 14- member committee which includes military officers, intelligence chiefs, diplomats and strategic analysts.

Kargil Review Committee:

  • The Kargil Review Committee (KRC), headed by the late K. Subrahmanyam. It has been a decade when it submitted its report. It was on the recommendations made of the committee, a Group of Ministers was set up which suggested huge reforms in the country’s security management system. The KRC is thought to be the first major step in revamping the country’s security after Independence.



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