INST develops Nanotechnology based antiepileptic drug Rufinamide

The Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST) operating under Department of Science and Technology has developed a nano-technology based low cost antiepileptic drug Rufinamide.


The drug developed is a part of Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. Several nanotechnology initiatives are being increased under the programme. The GoI allocated Rs 20,000 lakh crores for the scheme that included science and technology and research as well.

The nanotechnology-based industry friendly production of antiepileptic drug Rufinamide will boost the reaction of the drug.


The scientists have developed a recyclable copper-oxide catalyst that will play a crucial role in producing Rufinamide drug.


The current technology that is used to produce the drug often leads to an unwanted isomer along with the drug. This compels the use of high temperature, organic solvents to purify and separate the isomer. It also increases the production cost.

New Method

The above drawback is overcome in the new method. The new catalyst designed will replace the traditional copper sulphate as catalyst. The new catalyst comprises of small sized 3-5 nm Copper molecules in their oxidized states. They are highly reactive in room temperature and aqueous solution.




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