Milan 2020: Biggest Multilateral Naval Exercise in the Indian Ocean Region

Indian Navy is preparing itself for the biggest multilateral naval exercise to be conducted in the Indian Ocean Region. The Exercise is to be conducted under the theme

Theme: Synergy across the Seas


The exercise will include multi-national groupings, simulation of operational scenarios and tactical maneuvers. Around 42 countries are to participate in the exercise. It includes Russia and USA as well. India has not invited China to participate in the exercise. The exercise is to be conducted in Vishakhapatnam in March 2020.

The exercise will act as a common platform for the commanders to exchange their challenges.


The Multilateral exercise began in 1995 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In 1995, only 4 countries participated. It included Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. It is biennial and was restricted to friendly nations. However, in its later stages the size of the exercise began to increase. In 2018, the size grew significantly with around 17 countries participating in the exercise.




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