Meghalaya Youth Policy 2021- Key Facts

The cabinet of the state of Meghalaya has approved the Meghalaya Youth Policy 2021. This policy aims to create a field for the youths of the state in achieving their full potential and becoming skilled, engaged, responsible, creative, and empowered members of the state as well as the country.


Key Points

  • Currently, Meghalaya doesn’t have a policy for the youths of the state and hence, the state government decided upon the formation of this policy.
  • According Meghalaya’s Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, 31% of the population of the state falls in the 15-29 years age category and this policy was much needed to channelize the youths towards a productive future.
  • This policy has been drafted by the Sports and Youth Affairs Department of Meghalaya.
  • This policy is in sync with the Meghalaya government’s vision towards the transformation of the state to rank amongst the top 10 states in 10 years on the basis of GSDP per capita as well as the SDG ranking.
  • The policy aims to address major concerns on nine identified key areas that are Education, Counselling & Mentoring, Health & Wellbeing, Sports, Employment Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Engagement & Leadership, Cultural & creative industries and Inclusion and Environmental Consciousness.
  • This youth policy is very much action-oriented; planned implementations of 45 programs has been planned that would then be measured by 54 performance monitoring indicators.
  • The performance indicators of this policy have been mapped to 10 departments and will measure quarterly, bi-annually as well as annually.
  • The success and implementation of this policy are based on various performance indicators which includes human resource development, infrastructure creation and up gradation, awareness campaigns and various other parameters.
  • This policy will be result oriented will be evaluated quarterly, biannually and annually.
  • The policy covers the lifecycle of youth and includes early childhood interventions which are implemented through various policies such as Meghalaya School Improvement Plan (MSIP), Early Childhood Education Mission, FIT India, setup of academies of excellence in the area of arts and culture and sports infrastructure up-gradation.

About Meghalaya

Meghalaya has a population of about 38.29 lakh people, of which over 74% per cent belongs to the under 35 year’s category. Programs relating to the 5-14 years age group will also be emphasized and made part of the youth development framework of the state. Conrad Sangma is the Chief Minister of the state and its capital is Shillong.




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