Meghalaya Enterprise Architecture (MeghEA) Project

The government of Meghalaya’s Planning Department’s initiative of the “e-Proposal System”, has won the UN Award – World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum Prizes 2022. The “e-Proposal System” is a part of Meghalaya Enterprise Architecture (MeghEA), which eliminates 75 per cent physical work of files in all government departments in the state.

About MeghEA Project

  • The Meghalaya Enterprise Architecture Project (MeghEA) was launched with the aim of improving governance and service delivery for the people of the state using the power of various digital technologies.
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the process by which various organisations standardise and organise their Information Technology related infrastructure to achieve various business objectives.
  • This initiative of the state government of Meghalaya is spread across six different pillars that are Human Resources, Governance, Primary Sector, Entrepreneurship, Environment, and Infrastructure.
  • Through this initiative Meghalaya will be made into a high-income state by 2030.

Digital Goals that are Supported by MeghEA

MeghEA is supporting the digital government goals that are:

  • A planned transformation initiative of the state government which demands efficient coordination among policies, strategies, services, processes, and organizational capacity.
  • All information and communications technology (ICT) initiatives will be coordinated under one umbrella to provide a better holistic perspective.
  • Implementation of ICT enabled state government process with the aim of providing multi-channel service delivery.
  • Ensuring that the systems and applications of the state government provide users with all relevant information.
  • Crafting an ecosystem to boost the digital economy by leveraging ICT for growth and employment.


Out of the top 360 projects from across the world, Meghalaya was selected. Out of the selected top 360, the UN selects the top 5 in 18 different categories and they are awarded as Champion Projects. Meghalaya has been awarded in the category of the role played by state governments and stakeholders in the promotions of ICT for development purpose.




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