Meghalaya approves State Water Policy 2019

The state of Meghalaya has become the first state in the country to adopt the water policy.

About Meghalaya State Water Policy 2019

  • The policy aims to achieve sustainable development, management and use of water resources with community participation.
  • By assuring better water availability the policy aims at improving health and livelihood and reducing vulnerability among the people.
  • The policy emphasizes on good governance for present and future generations through integrated water resources management and environmental sustainability.
  • The policy aims at sustainable management of water through the protection of catchment areas, preserving water bodies and addressing river pollution.
  • The policy also proposes setting up of water sanitation village council for sustainable and inclusive management.
  • It also outlines quality check procedures and measures to control the use of groundwater.

The State has also launched the Jal Shakti mission to address the problems related to water.


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