May 29: International Day of UN Peacekeepers

Every year, the United Nations celebrates International Day of UN Peacekeepers on May 29. This year the day is being celebrated under the theme

Theme: Women in Peacekeeping: A key to Peace


The International Day of UN Peacekeepers is celebrated to honour more than 3,900 peacekeepers that lost their lives serving under the United Nations. This year their challenges have increased as they not only protect the people but are also coping with COVID-19 pandemic.

Current Scenario

There are more than 1 million men and women that are serving 72 UN peacekeeping operations. The UN peacekeeping forces deploy more than 95,000 police, military and civilian personnel in around 13 operations.

Significance of the theme

This year the theme marks the 20th anniversary of adoption of UN security council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.

Why May 29?

The first UN Peace Keeping mission was established on May 29, 1948. The Peace keeping mission was established to monitor the Armistice Agreement that was signed between Israel and Arab.

Armistice Agreement

Armistice Agreement is an agreement that is signed to stop fighting. Armistice Day is marked on November 11. This is to mark the signing of treaties between allies of World war I and German Empire.




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