Low Carbon Cruise on Mahabahu Brahmaputra

The Government of India is to conduct the India Energy Week, 2023 in February. The event is to be held in Bengaluru, Karnataka. On the sidelines of the celebrations, a methanol-blended diesel-powered ship was launched. The methanol to be used to power the ship engine is to come from the Mahabahu Brahmaputra project being implemented in Assam.

About the Low Carbon Cruise

It was launched by the petroleum minister Shri Hardeep S Puri. The Minister currently holds the portfolio of Housing and Urban Affairs as well. The name of the methanol-blended diesel-powered engine was MD15. It is called MD 15 because the fuel of the ship contains 15% methanol. It is to run on an Inland Water Vessel called “SB Gangadhar”. A test run was conducted and was a success.

Methanol used in the project

It comes from ash coal and agricultural residues. The fuel is less expensive than other marine fuels. It can be easily stored on shore sides.

Why is GoI focusing on Methanol?

The cost involved in converting the current inland ships to run on methanol is very less. Also, with this, the country can reduce its crude oil imports by 15%. GHG emissions will reduce by 20%.

Mahabahu Brahmaputra Project

The project was launched by PM Modi in 2021. Under the project, Assam is now producing 100 TPD of methanol.


The Low Carbon Cruise will aid in achieving the objective of the METHANOL ECONOMY PROGRAMME. It was launched to reduce the energy bills of the country and to convert coal reserves into methanol.




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