KVIC sets up Odisha’s first silk yarn production centre

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has started a historic initiative to set up first ever Tussar Silk Yarn Production Centre at Choudwar in Cuttack district in Odisha.

Key Points

  • The silk yarn production centre was inaugurated on September 24, 2021 by Chairman of KVIC, Vinai Kumar Saxena.
  • This centre will ensure local availability of Tussar Silk yarn, reduce the silk production cost as well as create local employment.
  • Tussar silk is one of the finest varieties of Silk. It is distinguished by its coarseness and porous weave, giving it a rugged and rustic appearance.
  • This centre was set up at a cost of Rs 75 lakh.
  • It is capable of producing 200 KG of silk yarn of worth Rs 94 lakh annually.

Silk production in Odisha

Odisha has been known for exquisite Silk production, particularly the Tussar variety. This industry provides livelihood to thousands of tribal people, particularly women in the state. But the Silk weavers were totally dependent on states such as West Bengal, Karnataka and Jharkhand for the Silk yarn. This in turn, increased the cost of the Silk fabric here.

Significance of the Production centre in Odisha

Opening up of the Tussar Silk Yarn Production Centre in Odisha is of great significance because Silk comprises nearly 75% of the total Khadi fabric production in the State alone. This production centre will be creating direct employment for 50 artisans including 34 women. It will also provide livelihood support to more than 300 tribal farmers engaged in cocoon farming. This centre will also create indirect employment for weavers. Every kilo of raw silk produced will create employment for 11 artisans of which 6 are women.




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