Kolkata Biplobi Bharat Gallery

PM Modi inaugurated the Biplobi Bharat Gallery at Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata via video conferencing on 23rd March 2022.


  • The Prime Minister also addressed the people who had gathered during the launch of this event.
  • This gallery was inaugurated on the occasion of Shaheed Diwas.
  • The Prime Minister also paid tributes to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev who were hanged to death on this day by the British.

What will be displayed in the gallery?

The newly inaugurated gallery will depict the contribution of the Indian freedom fighters in the country’s freedom struggle. A holistic view will also be provided by the gallery on the various events that led up to the Independence that the nation achieved in 1947.

The Gallery will also be displaying the contribution of the Indian Revolutionaries who took part in the freedom struggle against the British. Their armed resistance against colonial rule will also be glorified in this gallery.

This aspect of India’s freedom struggle has often not been highlighted in the mainstream narratives that led to the country gaining freedom from the colonizers. This new gallery will also be depicting the intellectual as well as the political backdrop that triggered the freedom movement in the country.

The gallery will display the revolutionary movement’s birth, the spread of this movement across the nation, association of the leaders with this movement, Indian National Army’s formation, Indian Naval Mutiny, etc.




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