Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to dedicate the Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline to India on January 5, 2021.

What are the Key Highlights of the Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline?

  • The pipeline is 444 kilometres long.
  • The pipeline is to carry natural gas from the Liquefied Natural Gas regasification terminal at Kochi to Mangaluru. In its way it will pass through Ernakulam, Palakkad, Thrissur, Malappuram, Kannur, Kozhikode and Kasaragod districts. Around 8 districts are to benefit from the pipeline project.
  • The main junction of the pipeline is at Koottanad. At the junction, the pipeline bifurcates towards Bengaluru and Mangaluru.
  • The pipeline is expected to fulfil the gas demand of 80 to 90 million cubic metres of gas per annum.

What is the cost of Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline project?

The average cost of the project is Rs 5,750 crores.

When was the Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline project launched?

It was launched in 2009.

How much Tax Revenue will the Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline project bring in?

The pipeline is expected to bring in tax revenue of thousand crores of Rupees.

Who built the Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline?


What is the transportation capacity of Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline?

12 million metric standard cubic metres per day.

What were the challenges faced during the construction of Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline?

The major construction challenge faced in laying Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipelineis that it had to cross water bodies in more than 100 locations.

What technology was used to overcome the challenges in Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline?

Horizontal directional drilling method.

What is horizontal directional drilling method?

This method is used for long distances such as under the rivers, lagoons or highly urbanized areas.

The horizontal directional drilling method involves three main stages. They are:

  • drilling a pilot hole
  • enlarging The Pilot hole
  • full back installation of the carrier pipe

The main advantage of the method is the combination of speed and reliability with the minimal environmental impact in installation.





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