Kisan Rath App

The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare launched the Kisan Rath mobile app to enable easier transportation of agricultural produce.

About the App

The Kisan Rath app is a mobile app for farmers to help transport their produce in times of the lockdown. The app launched by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare is available in 8 languages. It will aid in both primary and secondary transportation. It will enable the transportation of produce like food grain (cereal, coarse cereal, pulses etc.), fruits, vegetables, oil seeds, spices, fibre crops, flowers, bamboo, log and minor forest produce, coconuts etc. Perishable goods can be transported using refrigerated vehicles.

Primary and Secondary Transportation

Primary transportation refers to conveyance of produce from farms to mandis, warehouses, farmer producer organisations, etc. Secondary transportation refers to movement of produce from mandis to railway stations, warehouses, processing units, wholesalers, intra-state mandis, inter-state mandis, etc.


The consignor (eg: a farmer) places a transportation requirement on the Kisan Rath app. This is sent to transport aggregators interfaced with fleet owners and truckers. A competitive quote is obtained and sent to the consignor along with other details about the truck. The negotiation between the trucker and the consignor occurs off-line and the deal is finalized. The trucker then transports the produce.


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