Khaibar-buster Missile

On February 9, 2022, Iran unveiled a new missile called “Khaibar Buster Missile”, which is capable of hitting nearby US bases and Israel.

About Khaibar-Buster

  • Khaibar-buster is a reference to Jewish castle, which is overrun by Muslim warriors led by Prophet Mohammed.
  • It has a range of 900 miles.
  • The missile runs on solid fuel.
  • It has high accuracy and was manufactured completely domestically.
  • It can defeat missile shield systems.

When was it unveiled?

Missile was unveiled during a visit to surface-to-surface missile base of Guards’ air force.

Significance of the missile

Israel’s closest point to Iran is 620 miles away. Iran has missiles, which can travel up to 1250 miles. Iran also has the largest arsenal of missiles in the Middle East.

Iran’s ballistic missiles

On December 24, Iran fired 16 ballistic missiles to conclude military drills, which is described as a warning to Israel.  According to International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Iran has around 20 types of ballistic, cruise missiles and drones. Their capabilities vary, with the Qiam-1 range of 500 miles and Ghadr-1 range of 1,100 miles. Current priority of Iran is to increase the accuracy of its missiles.

Solid-fuel rocket engine

In January 2022, Iran tested an engine for a solid-fuel rocket, that has been designed to launch satellites.

About Iran

Iran was known as Persia before 1935. It was one of the greatest empires of ancient world. The country is bordered by Iraq & Turkey to the west, Azerbaijan & Armenia to the north-west, Caspian Sea & Turkmenistan to the north, Afghanistan & Pakistan to the east, and Gulf of Oman & Persian Gulf to the south. It is the fourth-largest country by area, entirely in Asia. Tehran is its Capital. Iran is a founding member of the United Nations, OIC, ECO, and OPEC.




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