Kerala rolls out menstrual and maternity leaves for students

The Kerala Government recently introduced menstrual leave for girl students above the age of 18 years. The decision is a part of the gender-sensitive education reforms of the Kerala Government.

About Menstrual and Maternity leaves

  • The decision on menstrual and maternity leaves was made by the Higher Education Department. In accordance with the decision, a girl of age 18 years and above is eligible to avail of 60 days of menstrual leave in a year.
  • The Higher Education Department also availed maternity leave for students pursuing their higher education.
  • With this, the attendance percentage of girl students is sealed at 73% as against the usual 75%.

Why the menstrual leave?

To ease the physical and mental pressure of girl children during their cycles. Girls face physical and mental pressure during their menstrual cycles due to fluctuating hormone levels.

First Menstrual leave in India

The concept of menstrual leave was first introduced by the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat). The university launched the move on the demand of SFI students. The student union demanded 24 days of extra menstrual leave for girls.

Menstrual leave policy in India

There are no laws on menstrual leave in India. However, certain private companies are offering menstrual leaves to their female employees. Some of them are Swiggy, Magzter, Gozoop, Zomato, etc. The discussion of menstrual leave has recently increased due to the rapid changes in lifestyle. As you observe, these companies are in the door delivery business, and therefore, the need for menstrual leave has become mandatory.

Menstrual leave in other countries

In 2016, Sweden introduced paid menstrual leaves by passing a law. But most of the other EU nations including Spain and France have not yet adopted the policy.

Bills on Menstrual leave

In 2017, a Congress Lok Sabha MP, Ninong Ering from Arunachal Pradesh introduced the Menstruation Bill calling for two days of menstrual leave.




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