KCR Kit Scheme

The scheme was launched by the Telangana Government. It is a welfare scheme launched for mother and child.

About the Scheme

After deliver, the mother is provided with the KCR kit. The kit consists of 16 items that are essential to keep the new born clean and hygienic. The kit supplies would suffice the needs of the baby for three months. The kit has diapers, napkins, toys, mosquito nets, baby powder, baby oil, baby soaps, and clothes. It was launched in 2017 by the Chief Minister K Chandrasekar Rao. In 2017, the State Government of Telangana allocated Rs 605 crores for the scheme.


The scheme has been facing accusation of corruption lately. The implementing officers have fraudulently included private hospital births under the scheme. The scheme is only for babies born in government hospitals and has not been extended to private hospitals.

Why was the scheme launched?

The scheme aims to reduce the Infant Mortality Rate in the state. The current IMR of Telangana is 28 deaths per 1000 live births. The state uses Aadhar based Mother and Child Tracking System to track the health of mother and child. They are tracked at every stage of pregnancy.

Who are not eligible?

Mother with more than two children are not eligible to receive the kit. Also, the kit is not provided to mothers from other states. The mothers should have an Aadhar card belonging to the Telangana state. It is also nor provided to mothers delivering babies at private hospitals.

Money provided under the scheme

Along with the kit, the Telangana government also provides Rs 13,000 for girl baby and Rs 12,000 for boy baby. Rs 3,000 is provided after the mother completes two NC checkups. This is within five and a half months. Four thousand rupees is added after baby delivery. If baby boy, then Rs 4,000. IF baby girl, then Rs 5,000. After completing first month immunizations, two thousand rupees is provided. Three thousand rupees is provided after completing second month immunization.




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