June 5: World Environment Day

Every year the World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5. This year the day is being celebrated under the theme

Theme: Celebrate Biodiversity


This year, in 2020, the day is to be hosted in Colombia in partnership with Germany. The day was hosted by India in 2018. It was then India emphasized on prevention of Plastic pollution. In 2019, the day was hosted by China under the theme “Air Pollution”.


The day was first designed by the United Nations in 1972 during the United Nations Conference on Human Environment. However, it was first celebrated in 1974.

Significance of the theme

Biodiversity is important for the survival of all the living organisms. The theme is significant as human beings are part of the ecosystem and cannot live in isolation.

The interdependence of humans and webs of life can very well be learnt from the recent locust attacks, COVID-19 pandemic and bush fires.




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