J&K Agricultural Sector

The government of Jammu and Kashmir recently adopted a 9 pronged strategy to double the farmers’ income by 2022.

The 9 Pronged Strategy

The 9 components of the newly adopted strategy are:

  • Crop diversification and introduction of hybrid seeds
  • Expansion of area under vegetable cultivation
  • Adoption of robust market-driven agriculture policy
  • Promotion of value addition of certain crops
  • Assured modern irrigation facilities
  • Creation of panchayat-level farm machinery banks
  • Cottage industries promotion
  • Efficient use of cultivable wastelands
  • Capacity building of farmers with transfer of technology through trainings and exposure visits for farmers

J&K Horticulture Sector

In J&K, 70% of the people are dependent on agriculture-related activities for their livelihood. More than a million farm operating families cultivate a net sown area of 3.9 lakh hectares of land. 91% of the walnut production, 90% of almond, saffron and cherry production and 70% of the apple production of India is from the Kashmir region. This accounts for 7,000 crore INR per year.

Kashmir Saffron

Saffron is one of the signature products of J&K. it is noted for its high concentration of crocin (a carotenoid pigment responsible for the medicinal value and the color), strong aroma and flavour. Its production from crocus flowers is labour intensive. The sector is currently facing trouble due to adulteration with cheap Iranian imports, poor irrigation, climate change effects, and outdated techniques of farming and post-harvest processes.


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