Jaipur declaration on Antimicrobial Resistance

  • The Jaipur declaration adopted at the 29th meeting of health ministers of 11 South East Asian countries on Antimicrobial Resistance, committing to maintaining the efficaciousness of antibiotics via intellectual use and regulation
  • Union Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad inaugurated the meeting and 64th session of the WHO committee for south East Asia in Jaipur
  • Through the adoption of the Jaipur Declaration on antimicrobial resistance, the health ministers demanded for urgent measures to check further development of antimicrobial resistance
  • They recognized that the significant driver of antimicrobial resistance is the unfounded use of these agents and national Governments must take vital action to safeguard the effectiveness of existing antimicrobial agents
  • The Declaration emphasizes concern at the spread of antimicrobial resistance which is negating achievements made in protecting human life and health
  • It acknowledged that such resistance could become a serious obstruction in global efforts towards controlling HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria etc



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