Iran declares US Army as “Terrorist” Organisation

Iran declares US Army as “Terrorist” Organisation thus marking a major retaliatory step within weeks of US declaring elite Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist outfit. The approval of the Bill in the Iranian Parliament has come one day after the Trump administration has further intensified pressure on Iran by announcing that no country will be given any further waivers to any country against oil import from Iran.
The approval is seen as a step ahead of the legislation of the last week which had only declared the US troops stationed in the Middle East as a terrorist. The Trump administration had reimposed sanctions on Iran which also included its energy sector. It was in November 2018, that President Trump had pulled out from the landmark nuclear deal 2015 which had been signed by the US and five other world power with Iran under which the US had lifted its economic sanctions over Iran in return of Iran curbing its uranium enrichment program.
The US labelling of IRGC is the first time ever that the whole division of another government has been labelled as a terrorist outfit which added another envelope of sanctions to the already present ones. The move thus makes it a crime under the US jurisdiction to give guard with any kind of material support. Trump administration had declared this Monday, that it will no longer grant any favours over the extension of exemptions over the US sanctions for all the countries which still import oil from Iran. President Trump said that the move is to maximise pressure on the Iranian government with the aim of eliminating any kind of export income from oil exports, the funds which the US says are used for funding destabilising policies in the whole region.
A few hours before the announcement made by Trump, Iran had repeated its threat for closing the Strait of Hormuz if it will not be allowed to use the vital waterway in the Gulf from which nearly a third of all oil is traded. US Navy has already blamed the patrolling boats of Iran of harassing the US warships passing through the waterway.
In a quick response to the stoppage of oil waivers by US, the foreign minister of Iran stated that “Iran basically has not seen and does not see the worth and validity of the waivers”.



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