IOC launched indoor solar cook top Surya Nutan

On June 22, 2022 Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) unveiled its patented indigenous solar cook top called Surya Nutan.

Key Points

  • Surya Nutan has been developed by Faridabad R&D centre of the oil refiner (IOC).
  • The solar cook top will aid in reducing CO2 emissions of India drastically and keep its citizens insulated from high international fossil fuel prices.
  • It is a rechargeable, stationary, and kitchen-connected indoor solar cooking system.
  • The system offers an online cooking mode while charging.
  • Currently, the pilot projects are being held across 60 places like Leh (Ladakh), in order to ascertain several operational and commercial aspects associated with its application.

Working Mechanism

Solar cook top works in hybrid mode. Thus, it can run on solar energy as well as auxiliary energy sources simultaneously. The insulation design of Surya Nutan minimises conductive and radiative heat losses.

Cost of the Surya Nutan

Initial cost of the solar cooktop was Rs 12,000 for base model while Rs 23,000 for the top model. However, this cost is likely to reduce substantially with economies of scale.

Significance of the solar cook top

The solar cook top is in line with the steps taken by Ministry in ongoing global energy crisis, including:

  1. Increasing procurement price of Compressed Bio-Gas from Rs 45 per kg to Rs 54 per kg, under SATAT scheme.
  2. Increasing ethanol blending to 20 per cent
  3. Increasing area under Exploration and Production from 7-8 percent to 15 per cent of geographical area and
  4. Pursuing green hydrogen mission in refineries.

About SATAT Scheme

SATAT Scheme stands for “Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) scheme”. It has four objectives:

  • To utilise over 62 million metric tonnes of waste generated per year in India
  • To cut down import dependence
  • To supplement job creation India.
  • To reduce vehicular emissions and pollution from burning of organic waste or agricultural waste.




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