International Tea Day

International Tea Day is observed annually on 21st May by the United Nations. This is the second time that International Tea Day has been observed, after it was announced in the year 2019. The first International Tea Day was observed in the year 2020.

Q1. Why was the International Tea Day observed?

The International Tea Day is observed by the United Nations to create awareness about the benefits of drinking tea. The United Nations considers the beverage to play a huge role in its Sustainable Development Goals by playing a role in eradicating hunger and poverty. The United Nations has also talked about the medicinal benefits of drinking tea.

Q2. What are the Sustainable Development Goals linked with tea?

The United Nations states that through Tea Production poverty and hunger can be reduced as Tea Production will generate employment. Tea Production will help in uplifting of women by providing them with job opportunities. Also tea production countries should keep their climate changes in check as drastic climate changes affects the production of tea.

Q3. Why was May 21 selected as the International Tea Day?

The United Nations chose 21st May to observe the International Tea Day because this is the time when tea production begins in all major tea producing countries across the world.


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