International Day for Tolerance

Every year the International Day for Tolerance is celebrated on November 16. The day is celebrated to create public awareness about the dangers of intolerance. It was first celebrated in 1995. It is marked by UNESCO and several other international orgnisations.

What is Year of Tolerance?

The United Nations declared “1995” as the Year of Tolerance. The United Nations formulated the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance on November 16, 1995. Also, the United Nations paid tribute to the 125th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji by starting the celebrations of International Day of Tolerance in 1995.

Why is it important to celebrate International Day for Tolerance?

The day encourages and promotes the fact that tolerance is universal human right. Also, it promotes that tolerance is not only a moral obligation rather an essential need.

What are the awards presented on International Day for Tolerance?

The UNESCO – Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non – violence is presented on International Day for Tolerance. It was first awarded in 1995. The prize rewards significant activities in cultural, scientific, communication and cultural fields that promotes spirit of non – violence and tolerance. The prize is awarded every two years.

Who is Madanjeet Singh?

Madanjeet Singh was born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1924, He dedicated his life to the cause of communal harmony and peace. He served as ambassador of India in South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. He created the South Asia Foundation to promote cultural, economic and educational development.

What does International Day for Tolerance say?

The day promotes the fact that tolerance can be countered through laws, access to information, education, local solutions and individual awareness. The laws should punish hate crimes, ensure equal access to dispute settlement. Press freedom and press pluralism should be promoted.


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