International Day against Drug Abuse

International Day Against Drug Abuse is observed on June 26 every year to raise awareness among people regarding dangerous effects of drugs and it’s illicit trafficking.

Significance of the day

Drug abuse and mental health go hand in hand. People addicted to drugs not only put their physical health at stake but also give rise to severe mental issues. Thus, the day becomes significance to make aware people of harmful impact of drugs.

2021 theme of day

This year, International Day against Drug Abuse was observed under the theme ‘Share Facts on Drugs, Save Lives’. Its motive is to combat misinformation by sharing real facts on drugs ranging from health risks & solutions for world drug problem to evidence-based prevention, treatment & care.


International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day to fight the menace of drug abuse and illegal trading of drug. It is observed on June 26, since 1989. Date 26 was selected to commemorate Lin Zexu’s dismantling of opium trade in Humen, Guangdong on June 25, 1839 before First Opium War in China. The day was instituted by General Assembly Resolution 42/112 of December 1987.

Drug Abuse in India

Menace of drug addiction is spreading fast among youth of India. The reason for this is, India is sandwiched between two largest Opium producing regions of world namely, Golden triangle and Golden crescent. Golden triangle comprises Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos while golden crescent comprises Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. As per the report of All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in 2019, alcohol is the most abused substance in India. About 5 crore Indians used cannabis and opioids when survey was conducted in 2018.




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