INS Kavaratti to be commissioned into Indian Navy

On October 22, 2020, the Indian Naval Ship Kavaratti is to be commissioned into the Indian Navy. The INS Kavaratti is one of the four indigenously built anti-submarine Warfare stealth corvettes under project 28. The project 28 is also called Kamorta class Corvettes.

 Key highlights

The project 28 was approved in 2003. The construction of INS Kamorta under the project began in 2005. Under the plan of the project four corvettes were commissioned into the Indian Navy.  Accordingly, INS Kamorta was commissioned in 2014, INS Kadmatt in 2016, INS Kiltan in 2017. Now INS Kavaratti is being commissioned in 2020.

All these four Indian Navy ships have been named after the islands and Lakshadweep archipelago.

Kamorta class corvettes

These Kamorta Class Corvettes are to succeed Kora-class Corvettes. By role, they will succeed the Abhay class Corvette.

Characteristics of Kamorta class Corvettes

The length of the Corbett is 109 metres. The ship displaces 2500 tons. It can retain 180 sailors and 13 officers. They are propelled by twelve diesel engines. The power of each engine is of 5096 HP. The ship has  two controllable pitch propeller that help to achieve maximum speeds of 25 knots.

Abhay Class Corvette

They are customised variants of the Soviet Pauk class Corvette. They are mainly used for patrolling and anti submarine Warfare. Currently there are three vessels of this class operating in the Indian Navy.  These three ships are Ajay, Akshay, and Agray.

INS Agray was damaged when  an anti submarine rocket extruded on the side of the ship due to miss firing in 2004. The ministry of defence is to acquire 16 Shallow water anti submarine vessels to replace INS Abhay.

Kora Class Corvette

They are 1350 guided missile corvette. They are mainly used as surface combatants.

What is a corvette?

it is a small warship. They are generally used for coastal patrolling and as missile boat and fast attack craft.




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