Indus Water Treaty: World Bank offers alternate solutions

In a notable development World Bank has taken cognizance of the growing development and has paused the processes initiated by both India and Pakistan in favour of alternate solutions which are in line with the spirit of Indus Water Treaty. The solutions offer alternative paths to resolve all the disagreements which fall under the Treaty and the application of the two hydroelectric power plants.

The pause has been communicated by the Bank to the Finance Ministers of both the nations. Under the pause, the Bank will hold the appointment of Chairman of the Court of Arbitration or any neutral expert. India had taken a strong position against Bank’s decision to set up an Arbitration Court to look into Pakistan’s complaint regarding Kishenganga and Ratle hydroelectric projects in Jammu and Kashmir.  The power plants are being built by India on the Kishenganga and Chenab rivers respectively. Neither of the two processes are financed by the World Bank. The Bank stated that the processes being initiated by both India and Pakistan could create contradictory outcomes and even dampen the spirit of the Treaty.




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