India’s first BIO-CNG plant inaugurated in Pune

India’s first ever BIO-CNG plant producing CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) from agricultural residue was inaugurated in Pune, Maharashtra.
It was jointly inaugurated by Union Minister of Transport Nitin Gadkari and Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.
Key Facts

  • The plant was commissioned by Pune-based Primove Engineering Private Limited. It has been set up as a Proof of Concept (PoC) which can be replicated elsewhere.
  • It uses special bacterial solution for treating agricultural waste in the process of generation of CNG. The gas generated is cleaned and compressed for use in vehicles.
  • Significance: The bio-fuel will help in reducing the import of diesel up to 50% and therefore the huge amount of foreign exchange can be saved. This energy source is also cost effective and pollution free. This project is remarkable step in Make In India and also will help reduce problem of disposal of agricultural waste was a major concern in the country.



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  • saibanna

    it is excellent device for agriculture use. it ver very useful in india. we proud to be indian to make this type of device. in india..whom to consult to take cng plant.