Indians no longer require Visa to visit Brazil

Indian tourists will be now be exempted from visas to enter Brazil for tourism or business purposes. The exemption is also available for Chinese tourists. Both India and China are part of BRICS, an association of 5 major emerging national economies. Other  three  are Brazil, Russia and South Africa.

Key Highlights

South American nation will drop its requirement that visiting Indian and Chinese tourists or business people must compulsorily obtain visas.

The announcement in this regard was made by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro during an official visit to China. He also clarified that there will be no reciprocity in the beginning. This was the first time Brazilian government has expanded that policy to the developing world.

In early 2019 the Brazilian government ended visa requirements for short-term tourists and business people from United States, Canada, Australia and Japan. However, these countries have not in return dropped their visa requirements for Brazilian citizens.




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