Indian Scientists develop energy efficient photodetector for security applications

The scientists from the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advances Scientific Research (JNCASR) has fabricated energy efficient photodetector for security applications.


The autonomous institute has fabricated energy efficient, economical and wafer scale photodetector. The photodetector was designed using gold-silicon interface for security applications. It will also help to detect weak scattered light.


Today, photodetectors are used in wide range of applications. They are employed in wide range of applications from control of automatic lighting in supermarkets to detect radiations from outer galaxy. The only issue is their cost of fabrication. This makes them unaffordable for day to day applications.

The newly invented photodetector helps to address this issue.

About the invention

The scientists in the new invention have fabricated gold-silicon interface that shows high sensitivity towards light. The interface was brought between the elements with the help of galvanic deposition.

Water based solutions were used to deposit the ions. This has made the detector affordable and also more efficient.


The detector has a rapid response time of 40 micro seconds. It covers broad range between UV and IR. As the device works in self powered mode, no external power source is required. This makes the device highly energy efficient.




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