Indian Scientist Rao Papineni gets US Patent for Cancer Treatment

imageIn a breakthrough innovation Rao Papineni, the nanotechnology scientist, in collaboration with his colleagues invented a cancer treatment system in which a nano-particle acts as a carrier of anti-cancer drug and releases it only in the cancerous cell, thus safeguarding the healthy cells around from the damage. 

The patent is titled ‘High Capacity Non-Viral Vectors.’ The nano-particles act as non- viral vectors. The nano-particles assist the drug particle to target the cancer affected site with high accuracy. These particles will allow the drug to be released inside the diseased cell. They will boost the function of the drug with minimal collateral damage to healthy cells.

Dr. Rao Papineni and Alan Pollack is the chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Miami. Papineni is currently the chief scientist and senior principal investigator in medical applications of nanotechnology at Carestream Health, Inc USA



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