Indian Railways to introduce Made in India Innovations

The Railway Board is to introduce 20 Made in India innovations to make train journeys of passengers comfortable and safe.


The innovations include Ultrasonic detection of rails, natural water coolers, bell system, real time CCTV footage, air quality monitoring, unreserved tickets through applications, etc. The innovations were all based on indigenous technologies and will hence help in boosting Make in India initiative.

About the innovations

The Ultrasonic flaw detection in rails is currently done manually. The North Central Railways has developed a detector that can be fitted to the running trains. The detector will warn about derailment due to seizure.

The Natural water coolers were developed by the Western Railways. The cost of a cooler is Rs 1.25 lakhs. These coolers have lifespan of 10 years. It works on the principle of heat transfer. Water is passed through copper coils that are covered with cooling fabrics. The fabrics are kept cool through water dripping system.

The bell system will alert the travelers minutes before the train departs.




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