Indian Railways to replace the conventional coaches with modern LHB coaches

The Indian Railways has decided to replace conventional coaches with modern LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) design coaches in all long distance trains.
Indian Railways is undertaking a massive retrofitting exercise to convert existing conventional coaches into LHB ones by providing crashworthiness features in these coaches. Safety parameters like strong couplers and anti-climbing features are being provided during the retrofit exercise.
The Railways has decided to stop manufacturing of ICF conventional coaches from 2018-19 and production of LHB coaches will be expedited from 2017-18 in a big way to provide a safer and comfortable ride for passengers.

Why the replacement is being undertaken?

The Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches are equipped with modern technology to prevent capsizing of coaches during derailments. The ICF coaches were getting overturned and capsized during the derailments. As a result, there was more damage to life and property. Hence the Ministry of Railways has decided to replace conventional coaches with modern LHB coaches.
The LHB coaches provide advantages like anti-telescopic feature which do not penetrate into the adjacent coaches in case of accidents. Further, the LHB coaches do not climb on the adjacent coaches, due to the use of Center Buffer Coupling (CBC).



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